The Department of dermatology was established in 1990 is by Dr. Nandvani Sir joined as professor since them the department has steadily progressed, expanded and diversified its activities to contribute to the advances in the understanding and treatment of various dermatological diseases.


Department of dermatology have activity involved to start new PG courses and fellowship in future days.


The department aims at outstanding clinical service research and educational excellence good quality medical, surgical and cosmetic treatment is provided to make a significant difference in the patient’s quality of life.

Functions of objectives for UG studies

1) UG – Teaching training and research.

2) Group Lectures for all 2nd and 3rd MBBS students at auditorium.

3) Internship training programme.

Facilities and services :-

A) Outdoor patient department

The department caters to need of outdoor patient daily (Monday to Saturday from 8:30am to 1:30pm). The following facilities are available for patients.

1. Diagnosis & treatment of all types of skin diseases

2. Diagnosis & Treatment of hair and nail diseases

3. Diagnosis & Treatment of sexually transmiled diseases.

4. Diagnosis & Treatment of leprosy.

5. Surgical management of various skin diseases.

6. Cosmetic treatment various skins disease including Laser, Therapy.

B) Indoor patient department

• IPD services to patient who are clinically unstable due to skin disease.

• Treatment of all types adverse drug reaction like TEN, SJS, with (intensive care unit)

• Treatment various vesics bullous disease as
1. Dexametnasone & cyclophosamide pulse for pemghigus
2. Rituximab in injection for pemphigus.

C) Specialized Facilities

1) Photo therapy (NBUVR)

2) Radiofrequency ablation therapy

3) Electrocogulation Therapy

4) Woods lamps examination

5) Dermatoscopy

6) Patch test

7) Laser Treatment.


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