The department was established in 1988 under the guidance of Professor Dr. N. A. M. S. Sheikh.

This department deals with ---
I) UG teachingin Biochemistry

  • 1) I stMBBS
  • 2) BPMT Ist, IInd & IIIrd Year

II) PG teaching in Biochemistry

  • 1) MD Biochemistry
  • 2) PG-DMLT
  • 3) MPHN (Nutrition)

III) Research work

IV) Central Clinical Laboratory, Biochemistry section, perform various Biochemical investigations of patients visiting Dr. Shankarrao Chavan Govt. Medical College & Hospital, Vishnupuri, Nanded.


1) The primary mission of the Department is to prepare students with an excellent foundation in Clinical Biochemistry so as to enable them to succeed in their chosen endeavors may it be medicine or any allied health sciences.

2) To provide Laboratory services to patients attending Dr. Shankarrao Chavan Govt. Medical College & Hospital, Vishnupuri, Nanded.

3) To undertake various research projects in the department.


1) The Department of Biochemistry is dedicated to understanding fundamental Biochemical processes and translating these to clinical care.

2) Upgradation of Biochemistry Department with modern equipments required in teaching and clinical investigations in the clinical laboratory - A TURN KEY PROJECT must be undertaken to provide the sophisticated and modern facilities for the patient care

In TURN KEY PROJECT all the instruments should be serially arranged in the centralized air conditioned clinical laboratory and instruments from colorimeter, spectrophotometer, semi autoanalyzer, fully autoanalyzer, Electrolyteanalyzer, Blood gas analyzer, Fully automated Immunoassay analyzer and other related instruments required should be arranged in one and same roof with suitable infrastructure facilities .

For this upgradation expected expenditure is approximately up to Rs. 5 Cr.


Undergraduate –Teaching

1. MBBS students 150/Year.Department conducts lectures and practicals programs as per MUHS,Nashik guidelines. Departments also conducts internal and university exams and prepares internal assessment .Knowledge of students also boosted by regular seminars, quiz competitions ,Case discussions etc.

2.Bachelor of Paramedical Technology (BPMT) -Department conducts lectures and practical programs as per MUHS,Nashik guidelines.

Post graduate Teaching

1. M.D Biochemistry: 02 students/year.Post graduate teaching and training program consist of working in clinical biochemistry including1 month training in clinical pathology and microbiology .In addition post graduate students have the assignments of investigations.They participate in regular weekly teaching sessions of Post graduate activities, slide seminars, monthly journal reviews, case presentations, microteachings etc. Also didactic lectures for M.D students are conducted in collaboration with other colleagues.

2. Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (PG- DMLT) - The course consist of 18 months, first 1 year consist of lectures, practicals and regular practical training in various laboratories. Last 6 months is all practical training in laboratories.( As Per MUHS,Nashik guidelines.)

3. MPHN (Nutrition)- The course consist of 2 yrs training in the form of lectures in therotical and practical aspects of clinical biochemistry. Internal exams and oral presentations in the form of seminars are regularly conducted by the department.

Central clinical Laboratory

Biochemical Investigations Carried Out in CCL round the clock.

Total umber of investigations carried out per year are as follows.

Year 2017 2018 2019
No. of investigations 551701 449552 289957


The members of the faculty carry out research projects independently and also in collaboration with other clinical departments.



Department has

• Departmental Library:
     The departmental library has various 122 textbooks and reference books.

• Departmental Museum:
     The departmental museum has metabolic cycle charts and posters, photographs of famous biochemists around the world are available for undergraduate & post graduate teaching.

UG Lab

     • Undergraduate laboratory is fully equipped as per norms of MCI with 60 working places for students. (Admission of 150 students are divided in to two batches of 75 each)

     • Fully trained technical staff is available to assist in the laboratory work as per curriculum.

PG Lab

• Postgraduate Laboratory is fully equipped as per MCI norms.

• Following instruments &equipments are available for PG Practicals.

1) Electrophoresis apparatus (horizontal)

2) Electrophoresis apparatus (PAGE)

3) Paper Chromatography apparatus

4) Thin layer chromatography apparatus

5) Semi auto analyzers

6) Microbalances

7) PH meter

8) Spectrophotometer

9) High speed cold centrifuge

10) Chemilumunescence

11) ELISA Reader with Washer

Central Clinical Laboratory (CCL)

     Biochemical Investigations Carried Out in CCL

Major Instruments available in CCL to carry out above investigations

Name of instrument Use for Patients
Fully Automated Clinical chemistry Random access Analyzer Fast and accurate analysis of biochemical parameters randomly
Blood gas Analyzer Estimation of blood gases and electrolytes
Electrolyte Analyzer Estimations of electrolytes
Semi Auto analyzers Estimation of biochemical parameters
Semi Auto Immunofluorescense Analyzer Special tests for covid patients Trop-i and D-dimer

• Regular serum Ferritin test is being carried out for the patients suffering from Sickle cell anemia and Thalassaemia.

• At present a separate laboratory performing special tests required for covid-19 patients like serum ferritin, electrolytes ,troponin –i, serum calcium and magnesium along with other basic tests are being performed.


Publications in national and international journals from department

The department of Biochemistry aims at-

1) Achieving excellence in Medical education

2) To build and maintain a Biochemistry teaching program designed to educate and train students to be competent future clinicians, research scientists and teachers of Biochemistry.

3) To establish a research program that will be committed to generate new knowledge and understanding of Human Biochemistry and translate this knowledge to improve health and disease prevention

4) To provide state of the art diagnostic services through clinical Biochemistry laboratories

5) To offer specialized consultations in Diagnostic laboratories.

6) To promote professional collaboration in teaching and research at national and international level.



Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Dr.Ishrat Kareem Professor and Head 94237 07847
2. Dr.H.N.Khan Associate Professor 94218 59833
3. Dr.G.S.Manoorkar Associate Professor 98231 72671
4. Dr.A.M.Siddiqui Assistant Professor 98900 55896
5. Dr.L.N.Cherekar Assistant Professor 94030 32258
6. Dr.A.B.Warade Assistant Professor 94040 28848
6. Dr.S.A.Patel Assistant Professor 7773960878


Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Dr.Y.P.Tayade JR 3 9922217373
2. Dr.K.S. Rathod JR 3 9766838147
3. Dr.S.S. Kale JR 1 9850885030
4. Dr.H.S.Jondhale JR 1 9834112877
5. Dr.Priyanka Kadam JR 1 9604704970


Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Smt. Pornima Raje Steno 8788364850
2. Shri. Moralwar Lab Assistant 9420127907
3. Shri. Wadje Lab Attendant 9767852707
4. Shri. Raju Lot sweeper 8975720493
5. Shri. Jadhav Peon 8806010775
6. Shri .Keshav Hambarde Watchman 9518911009
7. Shri .Madhav Ingole Watchman 9975010621


Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Dr.G.S.Manoorkar Associate Professor cum CCL Lab Incharge
98231 72671
2. Dr.A.B.Warade Assistant Professor cum CCL Asst Lab Incharge
94040 28848
3. Shri.S.H.Mulla Biochemist 9960228619
4. Shri .J.P.Raut Biochemist 8412809725
5. Smt.M.A.Jogdand Laboratory Technitian 9860861172
6. Shri.Suresh Sakinwar Laboratory Technitian 9960097937
7. Shri .NazimoddinKazi Laboratory Technitian 9423790062
8. Shri.S.P.Gaur Laboratory Technitian 9405528555
9. Shri.Prashant Joshi Laboratory Technitian 8390335069
10. Shri.P.A.Bhokre Laboratory Technitian 8857816913
11. Shri.V.G.Kulkarni Laboratory Assistant 7798870678
12. Shri.G.G.Jadhav Laboratory Assistant 9158152200
13. Shri.Chandrakant Kawtekar Laboratory Attendant 9561930846
14. Shri.D.M.Dhage Laboratory Attendant 7620645073
15. Shri.D.K. Bhagat Peon 9689707443
16. Shri.Goving Gore Peon 8698811511
17. Shri.Laximikant Kalaskar Peon 8411800674



Fully Automated Clinical Chemistry Random Access Analyzer XL 640

Blood Gas Analyzer

Electrolyte Analyzer

Semiauto analyzers

Semi Auto Immunofluorescense Analyzer

Name Use
Overhead Projector. For teaching & seminars.
LCD Projector with laptop For teaching & seminars